Posted by : Dedi Mukhlas Selasa, 04 April 2017

Being a local guide on google maps I start from the opening my phone google maps application. When you first begin to contribute content in google maps, I was done with the purpose of sport. But more and more of an update I enter therein, google maps make more complete and useful for many people.

The Experience of Being a Local Guide in Google Maps
The Experience of Being a Local Guide in Google Maps

The first beginning I used to do it on google maps is just provide ratings on a location-location on google maps. Then I proceed to give comments and photos according to location. Starting from that I started running contribution on google maps seriously. Locations that are not valid, I began to organize it so that google maps on getting better and right.

The process I run to get the badge level 5, with bonus Free 1 TB storage media google. From this I am excited to continue to contribute to developing an increasingly visual 360 degree location on google maps made more visible. The contribution actions I did in order to make google maps as a guide to the location is good and right.

In the future I hope to continue to contribute in google maps and can share experiences with friends guide of Foreign Affairs. Thanks google maps to continue to innovate to make the world easier to crawl.

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